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Education list price for repair services for HP Inc. computers and related products.

REMC Item Number 196005

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Contract Expiration Date 06/30/2024
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Manufacturer HP Inc.
Model various
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HP Inc.

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Contract# "REMC-HP-NASPO-15" must appear on purchase order. E-rate SPIN 143007617. To find an HP reseller agent or subcontractor, please visit our website at http://www.hp.com/buy/remc and select the appropriate link in the left column.

Vendor Contact - Nancy Lenkowski
11445 Compaq Center Dr W
Houston TX 77070
Phone 630-907-1105 Fax 630-884-3201 Email nancy.lenkowski@hp.com 

Vendor Contact - Debra Lee
442 Swan Blvd
Deerfield IL 60015
Phone 847-922-2977 Fax 281-572-1336 Email debra.lee@hp.com 

Vendor Contact - Rick Jackson
11445 Compaq Center Dr W
Houston TX 77070
Phone +1 810 3473858 Fax  Email rick.jackson3@hp.com 

Vendor Contact - Nicholas Fellows
2351 HP Way NE
Rio Ranco NM 87144
Phone 505-415-7182 Fax  Email nicholas.fellows1@hp.com