Wall & Ceiling Hanging Supplies

Product Information              REMC # List Price REMC Price
Suspended Ceiling Hooks            211251 7.99  5.82
Adams Hooks for suspended ceilings, open and close on ceiling grid, 10 lb. capacity, 10/pkg.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Adams
Model: 1900-06-0557 Qty: Each
Display Rail            211252 192.95  83.64
Map display rail, heavy-gauge aluminum, cork insert, 1" high by 8' long.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Mooreco
Model: 522H-07 Qty: Package
Magnetic Strips, 1/2"            211253 4.79  2.83
Magnetic rubber strips, self-adhesive backed, cut to length, 1/2"x10'.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: School Smart
Model: 084870 Qty: Roll
Magnetic Strips, 1"            211254 8.39  2.32
Magnetic rubber strips, self-adhesive backed, cut to length, 1"x10'.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: School Smart
Model: 084871 Qty: Roll
Adhesive Magnetic Dots            211255 7.19  2.98
Magnetic dots, self-adhesive, 3/4", 100/pkg.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Dowling Magnets
Model: 735007 Qty: Package
Adhesive Putty            211256 2.39  0.91
Reusable adhesive putty, non-toxic, 2.0 oz.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Hygloss
Model: 6502 Qty: Package
Adhesive Putty            211257 2.39  1.01
Reusable adhesive putty, 1.0 oz. blue.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Dap
Model: 01201 Qty: Package
Hanging Clips            211258 5.19  2.64
Hanging clips, self-adhesive, removable, reusable, 20/box.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Stikkiworks
Model: 01220 Qty: Box
Hanging Clips            211259 6.79  3.06
E-Z Up Stikki Clips, 30/pkg.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Stikkiworks
Model: 01520 Qty: Package
Reusable Adhesive Dots            211260 6.39  2.94
Wall-mounting reusable adhesive dots for Stikki clips and shapes, non-staining, non-toxic, clear, 100/pkg.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Stikkiworks
Model: 02100 Qty: Package